Manager Moyes speaks Of Bolted on photo with shisha


Manager Moyes speaks Of Bolted on photo with shisha

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Sunderland manager David Moyes has with astonishment taken notice of a photo showing his pupil Patrick of Bolted a hookah smokes.

“That’s not something a player is expected. That does not belong to my players. I also told that to him made clear. I’m not impressed,” said Moyes on Friday at his press conference prior to the competitieduel with Crystal Palace.

“I should add that the picture six weeks ago, not during the season. But that does not mean that I agree, absolutely not.”

The English tabloid newspaper The Sun published this week, the photo of the smoking Of Bolted and said, ‘Hubble bubble… Pat’s in trouble’ in the image.

“He sets a poor example to children and supporters,” said Moyes. “Footballers should be fine and a superconditie. That is the basis, and I’m ever worried about.”

“A career of a footballer is short. You earn a lot of money, and life is wonderful. Then I think it’s not too much to ask of my players that they care for themselves.”

Heart problems

Of Bolted experience not happy week at Sunderland. The 26-year-old full was last week because of a suspected heart at the last moment from the basiself left for the match against Tottenham Hotspur.

The actor himself denied Tuesday that he has to deal with problems with his heart.

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