Manager Gatlin is critical of IAAF president, Coe ‘inhumane’

Manager Gatlin is critical of IAAF president, Coe ‘inhumane’

Renaldo Nehemiah, the manager of Justin Gatlin, the criticism of IAAF president Sebastian Coe at the world championship of American sprinter ridiculous.

Gatlin, who is controversial after two dopingschorsingen, disturbed Saturday at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS of athletics in London the week of Usain Bolt for the second time in his career to become a world champion in the 100 metres.

The 35-year-old Gatlin was immediately after his victory firmly booed by the English public. Coe then made it clear that he and the international athletics federation not so happy with the victory of the dopingzondaar.

“I’m not very enthusiastic that someone who has two suspensions has been one of our most important awards it has won,” said Coe. “This was not the perfect script.”

According to Nehemiah, himself a former world record holder in the 110 meter hurdles, are that the statements of the Brit “inhumane and unsporting”. “I want the use of doping is not justifying, but Justin Gatlin is not the figurehead of dopingzondaars,” says Nehemiah Tuesday against the BBC.

“He has his punishment served, has, according to the rules lived and the IAAF has him reinstated. They said that they would accept if he would be back in the sport. Then it’s not fair if you have him, and him only, is put down as the bogeyman.”


Bolt beaten by Gatlin at the party


According to Nehemiah would Coe and the IAAF, the rules need to change if they don’t want caught athletes to world CHAMPIONSHIP titles to be able to conquer.

“At this time, the rules so that you may do in races if you penalty have expired. But then the penalised athletes be publicly condemned.”

The American thinks that the criticism of Coe on Gatlin came mainly because superstar Bolt Saturday, his last individual 100 metres walked.

“Gatlin won rear Bolt bronze at the 2012 Olympics, and then said no what, just like in 2013, 2014 and 2015. It only became a problem when he Bolt began to-day.”


Bolt, who on Saturday finished third in the 100 metres final, asked immediately after the race to “respect” for Gatlin. “And if Bolt has no problems with Gatlin, no one would have to be with him,” says Nehemiah. “If the king the okay, then we would all be okay.”

Gatlin received in 2001 a two-year suspension because he was caught on the use of amphetamine. After an appeal he was allowed to after a year of races run.

The world champion of 2005 in the 100 and 200 meters tested in 2006 positive on testosterone, for which he after appeal four years was suspended.

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