Manager football cases From the Axis, and the consultant Firm to immediately away with with ADO

But As it is no longer the manager of football cases for ADO in The Hague. The ex-prof was given on Tuesday to be told that his / her contract is not renewed, then the club’s to him, “vrijstelde of the work. Also responsable for finding and Kees Jansma leave.

The 47-year-old As it was in January 2017 and be responsible for the technical policy of the Fc. Under his leadership, ended up using ADO, for the past two seasons and is in the middle of the table, but this is the season to fall, the results are disappointing. It was for the coach Alfons Groenendijk earlier this month as a reason to get up.

In particular, by the course of events in the current season, there was not enough support on the board of directors for the contract, But to extend it,” says managing director Mohammed Hamdi.

“Then he is exempt from work, so he has the time to focus on the future, we will be able to see, with regard to the technical policy for the long term.”

Of the Shaft, that is, from 2002 to 2004 and played for the folks in the Hague, was for some time under the fire of the fans. They are the names of the technical man is evil and that he will be the selection from the start of Abdenasser El Khayati not have been able to get it.

Kees Jansma has been since the summer, as the responsable for finding involved with ADO Den Haag, the netherlands. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

The Kees will always be welcome’

Earlier on Tuesday, explained to the journalist Jones of his duties as responsable for finding, a role in which he’s been after since the summer time of grief. “I have been a club with good advice, but it’s a real sense that this is reflected in the policy, is missing.”

Hamdi said, in a response to the departure of the Firm is to die. “While the departure of Kees is very annoying, we say goodbye with a handshake, and we have been to roy’s said is that he will always be will be welcomed.”

ADO Den Haag is in the current issue of seventeen of the Premier league. The club hopes in the near future to replace Some of the pain. There is a big chance that this is the way of Alan Pardew it is. He was, according to various media, as well as around the club with a contract until the end of the season.

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