Manafort written op-ed, while under house arrest, the prosecutors say

Paul Manafort, has pleaded not guilty, felony charges, one of conspiracy against the United States and others.

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WASHINGTON – Robert Müller, Paul Manafort: I’m watching you.

Revealing that you know every word, Manafort changed in a recent op-ed, prosecutors, the special Prosecutor argued on Friday that the former trump campaign chairman ‘s attempt to mount a public relations campaign to defend it while under house arrest,” raises serious questions about his credibility.”

Prosecutors are now pushing him to stay in his home after they discovered he was heavily involved in the drafting of an opinion piece about his involvement in the Ukrainian policy. You say, the op-ed was trying to be part of a public effort Manafort, orchestrating it, that would have hurt, and to try a judge to let his case in the press.

In court papers, the beginning of this week, Mueller’s office had accused, Manafort from ghostwriting op-ed with a colleague, who they said had links to the Russian intelligence.


Judge suggests, 7. May 2018 for the start of the study Manafort

Manafort’s lawyers had argued that Manafort had only the one piece, after you receive it from a former Ukrainian officials, who he knows through his consulting work in the Ukraine. She also said that Manafort had not violated the judge’s order was to defend, in the exercise of his right to freedom of expression.

On Friday, prosecutors shown that you knew almost every detail of the machining.

Write in Microsoft Word, Manafort amended several sections of the essay to go, line-by-line for about 30 minutes in the night of Nov. 29, court papers show.

Any change to respond, followed in the document, the prosecutors, the written later, in comparison to talking points Manafort in the last year, messages and reports on his activity in the Ukraine. They found them mirrored, edited, and appeared to show he had the help of a “PR campaign” in the spirit to his case.

Prosecutors learned of the effort of the last week and earlier this week they received the assurance of Manafort’s attorney, that the op-ed would not be published.

Nevertheless, the op-ed Thursday was published in an English-speaking newspaper in the Ukraine, under the author line of Oleg Voloshyn, a former Ukrainian official.

Voloshyn of The Associated Press this week said that he wrote the op-ed in Manafort’s defense and insisted that Manafort has not helped him design.

“I wrote it on my own initiative,” said Voloshyn, the management of the press office of the Ukrainian Ministry of foreign Affairs under President Viktor Yanukovych, Manafort’s former customers in Ukraine.

Voloshyn did acknowledge that he sent Manafort a draft for the op-ed by Konstantin Kilimnik, a longtime employee of Manafort in the Ukraine. Kilimnik seems to be the person, the prosecutors referred to as “evaluated, the relations” of the Russian intelligentsia.

Prosecutors have not clarified how you made this assessment. Kilimnik declined to comment this week.

In Dec. 5 E-Mail in the court filing, Voloshyn wrote that he felt that an “urgent need, the U.S. Embassy,” he had formulated the op-ed, on its own initiative, and he felt obliged to send it to Kilimnik, Manafort, who forwarded it “just to have a look, as his name is mentioned.”

“It’s behind it there was no plot or a large scenario,” Voloshyn wrote. “As far as I know, Manafort, it is just read and that is all. I would venture to say, the Mueller Commission deliberately distorted the reality.”

In addition to the op-ed, the Prosecutor also detailed that they have amassed hundreds of thousands of documents and executed 15 search warrants as part of their investigation into Manafort and his long-time business partner, Rick Gates.

The government has gathered financial records of Cyprus and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and also seized several electronic devices, during a RAID by Manafort is Virginia last summer.

Manafort and goals face multiple counts of conspiracy to launder money, conspiracy against the United States and providing false statements to the government. The two men pleaded not guilty.

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