Manafort prosecutors, judge Ellis engage in a 10-minute courtroom Spie

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Judge criticises Müller team in Manafort test version

Manafort negotiations says the judge, a conspiracy cannot be proved without the testimony of Gates. Peter Doocy reports.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – After the jury had been dismissed, on Monday in the Paul Manafort study Monday, the Federal judge monitoring the case, and prosecutors from the former trump’s campaign Chairman, is trying in an extended verbal debate — about 10 minutes — took about the merits of the Prosecutor’s office, the length of the housing, and even the eye contact with the Prosecutor, Greg Andres.

U.S. district judge T. S. Ellis III, specifically Andres pushed, why the prosecution was testified to slowly with Rick Gates of the former Manafort’s business partner, on Monday and to describe concretely, the connection between the rich Ukrainian politicos and Manafort. Ellis argues that the connection was not the base of the case.

“What counts are the allegations that he reported the money from them and got it,” Ellis said. Not to throw “you need the mud on these people.”

“I don’t know if they are bad or good. And I argued, don’t care,” Ellis repeated his earlier claim that the Prosecutor’s office seemed to be, not on actual costs but on what he called “political contributions.”

Ellis again in the comparison of the Ukrainians in question, the American billionaires and “Mr. Koch and Mr. Soros” as political contributions.

“I don’t know how you keep (to) this people,” Andres said, referring to the Ukrainians. “These people are not like all Americans. These people are oligarchs, and that means that they control a segment of the economy to the governments, which allows you to do that.”‘

“These are really not political contributions,” he continued. “You are selfish, payments with respect to what the oligarchs do.”

“That makes it even more obvious to me that you have nothing to do with the allegations in this case,” Ellis responded. “It throws dirt on these people. You may have earned it. I don’t know and I don ‘ T care.”

At another point in the exchange-Andres heard could thing be challenging Ellis on a form. “And, judge, this is not what the law is,” Andres replied bluntly at one point.

The most heated moment in the debate, did not find, however, if Ellis got disturbed by Andres and looked up at him while you speak.

“Look at me! Don’t look down,” Ellis demanded.

Then, when Andres replied that he was on the search to a relevant document, the exchange testier grew up.

“She looked down, as if to say ‘this is B. S.!'” Ellis said. “I’m up here!”


Manafort, 69, faces tax evasion and bank fraud charges as he is accused of hiding a “significant proportion” of income from its Ukrainian plant by the IRS. He also is accused of fraudulently millions more in loans, including while he worked on the Trump campaign.

Held in Alexandria, Virginia, USA, the case is the first for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, since his appointment to monitor the Russia-study in may 2017. It began on October 31. July and expected to last about three weeks.

Both Manafort and gates were indicted last October, accused in a multi-million-dollar-money-money-laundering conspiracy tied to lobby for a Russia-friendly Ukrainian political party.

Mueller had 22 tax and bank charges against gates was the former business partner of Manafort agreed to plead guilty.

A further three hours at the Gates testimony, according to Andres, is scheduled for Tuesday.

Fox News’ Kaitlyn Schallhorn contributed to this report.

Serafin Gomez is a White House Producer for FOX News Channel, which is also in the election of 2016 as a special events & politics producer and former special correspondent for Fox News Latino. Fin formerly worked as the Miami Bureau Producer for Fox News Channel, where he covered Florida politics & Latin America. Follow him on Twitter: @Finnygo



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