Manafort is seeking the dismissal of the special counsel fees; lawyers say Mueller is not studied, it for fixing

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Manafort is in very hot water: Judge Napolitano

Fox News senior judicial analyst judge Andrew Napolitano discussed special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner.

The former trump-campaign-Chairman Paul Manafort’s legal team filed a motion Tuesday to dismiss a second round of charges brought by the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller in Virginia.

The lawyers argued that Müller exceeded the scope of the investigation in the Russian interference and possible collusion with trump campaign associates during the 2016 presidential elections. And you claimed that Miller was not even examined their clients for possible collusion.

Manafort’s attorney, Kevin Downing was enough to dismiss an application in the Federal court, “replaces the indictment” brought by the Miller at the beginning of February, noting that “the allegations against Mr. Manafort ‘result directly from the” special counsel investigation.”

“The behavior has not been discovered here claims that because the special counsel’s investigation into alleged coordination; was it ‘proven in connection with this investigation,” the filing States, to reveal, with examples from the alleged tax violations that have occurred, “as well as prior to the launch of Trump’s campaign or Mr. Manafort is a brief engagement with this campaign”, or the alleged error, the values of foreign assets.

“The DOJ knew both of these alleged crimes, because it had already said Mr studied Manafort about you,” she said. “The special counsel does not claim, therefore, credible that he discovered them because of his original investigation.”

Manafort’s lawyers added: “in fact, the special counsel has never suggested that Mr. Manafort had nothing to do with alleged” coordination [with] the Russian government “, or that he examined Mr. Manafort on the subject.”

A federal grand jury returned the new charges of conspiracy against the United States, conspired to launder money, otherwise, please register as an agent of a foreign principal and the provision of false statements. The replaced charge has been levied against both Manafort and his ex-assistant, Rick Gates, separated from the original indictment in October 2017.

Manafort pleaded not guilty to the new round of charges, as he had done, the first round in October, but Gates pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud the United States and lying to the FBI. Müller’s team moved to dismiss the then, the release of charges against gates.

Gates has intimate knowledge of the Manafort the years of political consulting in Ukraine, as well as other events, sparked the interest of Federal investigators.

Despite Gates guilty, Manafort has said that he will “continue to maintain my innocence,” and that he “expects” the gates had hopes that “the power to continue to show the slaughter of our innocence.”

Fox News’ Kelly Phares contributed to this report.

Brooke Singman is a political Reporter for Fox News. You can follow her on Twitter at @Brooke FoxNews.

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