Man who lived 700 years ago, the brand new face

(Credit: Dr. Chris Rynn, University of Dundee)

Gizmodo calls his face “haunting”, but BRITISH researchers, the see of the head of the man known as Context 958 is nothing less than stunning. His face was pale in the two-week-long Cambridge Science Festival this month, as details about who he was: in short, a 13th-century working-class man who died of middle age, had apparently lived a life of indigence, and whose face was reconstructed by scientists on the basis of his teeth and bones, by a Cambridge press release.

Context 958 skeleton, analysed as part of the university and After the Plague” – project, was discovered along with approximately 400 other between 2010 and 2012 in a medieval era of the cemetery, under one of the college’s schools.

The bodies, which date from the years after 1200 to 1400, came from the Hospital of St. John the Evangelist, which formerly existed across the cemetery.

Context, 958, which was found buried face-down in his burial place, is believed to be a few taps over the age of 40 and had a “robust skeleton with a lot of wear and tear,” which means that he likely had a physically challenging job, says Cambridge professor John Robb.

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However, in contrast to others who lived in poverty, Context 958 seems to have chowed down on the meat and fish, which suggests that he worked in a specialized niche, that gave him the access to sufficient food.

What makes the discovery of his body and that of others in the same demographic remarkably, Robb says, is that the researchers a chance to study how the poor lived in England more than 700 years ago.

“The less money and property you had, the smaller the chance that there was anyone to ever write down anything about you,” he notes. (This living man’s face was reconstructed using 3D printing.)

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