Man who interrogated 9/11 mastermind says that the terrorists of political correctness spread to ‘their Jihad message’


One of the men who interrogated 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad told Fox News’ “The Kelly File” on Wednesday that political correctness “start the chain” that led to Monday night’s truck attack on a Berlin Christmas market.

“[It] was political correctness-and their aversion to this person from your country who had no business there, because he have the right to prove the paperwork, whoever he was,” said Dr. James Mitchell, based on anise Amri.

German authorities on Wednesday with the name of Amri, as the suspect in the attack, 12 people and injured killed 48 other, touching off a continent-wide manhunt.


Mitchell said that he and Mohammed, known as KSM, had discussed the harmful potential of smaller, “lone wolf”-style attacks, the more than a decade. Mitchell to the fact that Mohammed was especially impressed by the horror of the sniper attacks causes pointed out by the 2002 DC.

“For him, what had surprised him, how much the paralysis it has caused, since, as some deaths were involved, some from his point of view,” Mitchell, host Sandra Smith said. “And what he said to me was our civil freedoms and our openness and our willingness to to other peoples, their cultures … were the weaknesses and errors of his God, Allah, had in American culture, so that we could be defeated.”

Mitchell added that Mohammed believed that the easiest way to win what he called “the long struggle to take over the world with Sharia law” by “by the immigration and outbreeding non-Muslims.”

“He said that like-minded jihadist brothers would a immigration in Western democracies and in the United States, you would wrap yourself in our civil liberties, protection of,” Mitchell said, “you would support in our social systems, while they spread their jihadist message, and then, when the time was ripe, would rise and attack.”

In response to the threat of terrorism, Mitchell urged the United States to restrict immigration from countries that promote terrorism, the adoption of President Donald Trump’s proposal from the last election campaign.

“I hope it will change,” Mitchell said Trump of the choice, “because here is the way political correctness works for a guy like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: It allows you to operate, to be in our midst, without being challenged.

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