Man who escaped Hawaii hospital had fake Id’s, phones, cash

HONOLULU – A man who escaped from a Hawaii psychiatric hospital and flew to California, was caught with two high quality fake Ids, two mobile phones and more than $ 6,000 in cash, according to court documents.

Randall Saito’s escape from Hawaii State Hospital in November “was not a matter of coincidence or a crime of opportunity, but requires detailed planning and significant financial resources,” Hawaii Deputy Attorney General Kory Young said in a motion to put him behind bars.

If Saito posts bail now set at a value of $500,000, he will be returned to the Hawaii State Hospital, where he is to be acquitted on account of insanity for a woman’s 1979 killing.

Officials are still investigating how he was able to escape, including where he got the money, and other supplies. As he returned to the hospital, then it is impossible to keep him away from possible witnesses, hospital Administrator, William May wrote in a letter to the court.

Saito switched off his escape with a mobile phone is prohibited, prosecutors said in the documents.

After walking out of the hospital, he called a taxi that took him to the airport, where he caught a chartered flight to Maui. He used an alias for the control of the flight and paid $1,445 cash for it, the motion said. He then took a commercial flight to San Jose, California.

When he was arrested in the vicinity of Stockton, three days after his escape, he had more than $ 6,000 in cash and a fake Washington state and Illinois driver’s licenses with his photos with different names, prosecutors said. The fake licenses included convincing-looking holograms, that are difficult to reproduce.

“We do not know whether the defendant Saito has a cache of fake Ids at his disposal,” Young wrote. “We do not know whether there are other secret sources of the money that he can tap into.”

Hospital surveillance footage shows Saito taping locks for a lounge and retrieve a garbage bag from a combination-locked cabinet on the morning of his escape, according to a detective’s affidavit.

He took the clothes out of the bag and changed. He threw the bag with his old clothes in a dumpster and then opened a combination lock to get out of the hospital, the affidavit said. It is not known how he knew the combination.

And in the taxi, he had a backpack which he didn’t when he left the hospital grounds.

“Or he is supplied with the backpack by a different individual, or if he had separated from the backpack somewhere outside the hospital grounds is unknown,” the public prosecutor, the movement said.

The hospital officials are considering the GPS only displays, in the wake of Saito’s escape, the hospital administrator, told lawmakers Friday.

It took the hospital at least eight hours to notify law enforcement that Saito was missing. There must be a way to get the information about the escaped patients to the safety of the airport officials, state Sen. Will Espero said.

“If a murderer is on the loose, although he was not guilty due to insanity, this is the type of person that we want his face painted, as far as possible, to as many venues, people with eyes, who might be in a position to stop him or her,” he said.

Saito spoke to The Associated Press in a prison near Stockton, California, in November for telling a judge that he does not want to go back to Hawaii.

He refused to say if someone helped him to escape, where he got the money for the trip or how he received what he called “a pretty good” fake ID. He insisted that he only escaped to prove that he should be free.

Hawaii Public Defender Jack Tonaki, whose office, as representative of Saito on the escape charges, said it is too early to comment on the allegations.

U. S. marshals brought Saito back to Hawaii earlier this week. A hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.


Associated Press writer Audrey McAvoy contributed to this report.

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