Man that Frits Wester endangered get community service and contactverbod

The man who Frits Wester since 2014 per e-mail has threatened, is Monday, sentenced to a community service of sixty hours, of which twenty hours conditionally.

“I’ve never brought out,” says Wester after notification by the AD to “I hope the man gets help.”

The condemned man, Remco J., had their own political party and wanted to participate in the European elections, but received RTL not broadcasting. Out of dissatisfaction, he began when the e-mails to send.

J. according to the newspaper “nasty emails” about Wester have been sent to the Second Room, press centre ‘Nieuwspoort’, and various Hague authorities and journalists.

In the messages was, inter alia, that the political reporter would be bribed by prime minister Mark Rutte and that Wester worked for a “global satanic organization”. Also, the reporter himself got messages.

Wester did a tax return after death threat

According to Wester did these messages to him initially, not much, until J. death threats uttered. “I understand that you like at under want to go (…) you chose after all for the death”, it was in one of the e-mails.

Wester decided to report the incident. The judge sentenced the man on Monday to the community service of sixty hours, and he also was a contactverbod. The man should not longer contact with Western record.

There was a community service of 120 hours and a suspended prison sentence of one month is required, but the judge found to be a heavy punishment. J. gave an earlier date for the texts sent and would according to the court, suffering from a mental disorder.

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