Man sentenced to 15 years for plotting of San Francisco attack

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A California man who told undercover agents that he wanted to run a christmas day bombing in San Francisco’s popular Pier 39, was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Everitt Aaron Jameson of Modesto, California

U. S. District Judge Lawrence J. O’neill issued the sentence Monday, which came after Everitt Aaron Jameson of Modesto, California, admitted under a plea deal in June that he tried to aid a terrorist organization.

Jameson, 27, planned the attack during the interviews with undercover FBI agents, including one he thought with the Islamic State of the group.

Court documents show that Jameson joined the marine Corps and received basic training, but he was sacked for not disclosing an asthma history.

The former tow-truck driver told the undercover fbi agent that he planned to use the pipe bombs to channel victims in a part of Pier 39, so he could shoot. He also offered to provide money to the cause.

Jameson would have received 40 years in prison.

Attorney Charles Lee has said that his client had second thoughts and it does not take steps for the execution of the plot. The researchers found no bomb-making materials, and three firearms found during a search were managed by his stepfather and trapped in a place that he could not open.

Jameson was arrested Dec. 22.

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