Man gets 15 months in prison after complex phishingcampagne

Man gets 15 months in prison after complex phishingcampagne

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A 22-year-old man from Veenendaal has a prison sentence of fifteen months been, after a very extensive phishingcampagne where e-mail, post and personal visits were used.

The court of appeal of The Hague did Tuesday morning judgment on appeal. The man was sentenced for fraud and theft in society. His sentence is six months on probation.

The guy made mainly elderly victims. They first watched a phishing e-mail who seemed to have of their bank. So they were tempted to use their login details to fill in.

Then got the victims also post their phone system seemed to have, which they were told that their sim card had to be replaced. By telephone, an appointment was made to do that.

The man from Veenendaal was his victims, along to use the sim cards to swap, dressed up as an employee of the telecommunications company. With the old sim card of the victim were able to text codes of banks are intercepted, so that money could be transferred to private accounts.

Thousands of euros

The trick was in one case 10,000 euros stolen, and in another case more than 9,500 euros. In another case, over 21,000 euros transferred from a savings account to a checking account, once a victim’s debit card was issued to someone posing as a bank employee.

The man from Veenendaal tried then almost 2,500 euro of that money from an atm machine, but that didn’t work because the pass had been blocked.

Earlier, the man was also accused of hacking, but he was acquitted, because he himself has not logged in the internet banking environment. However, he must pay compensation of about 14,800 euros to pay.

One co-suspect was acquitted for lack of evidence. A decision on a third suspect follows later, because first a supplementary examination must take place.

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