Man comes to during Chilean protests against Uber

Man comes to during Chilean protests against Uber

Photo: AFP

Taxi drivers in Chile are protesting against the growth of taxi services such as Uber. During these protests, a man died.

That reports Reuters. The drivers are protesting against Uber and other services by the main road in the direction of the largest plane in Santiago to block.

By the protests, there are big traffic jams around the airport. Many travelers would now have the highways walking to achieve their goal.

Man died

A 65-year-old tourist from Brazil, which are in the file, according to the police died by heart failure. A helicopter carried him to a hospital, but by that time it was already too late.

Taxi services such as Uber are in Chile in a legal gray area. There is a look at how Uber within current legislation will apply, but according to the protesting cab drivers are going too slow.


The Chilean government has fifteen of the protesting drivers arrested. According to governor Claudio Orrego, and everyone is responsible for the protest have been sued.

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