Man arrested for suspicion of threatening Özcan Akyol

A man from Amersfoort Tuesday arrested for a death threat at the address of the columnist and presenter Özcan Akyol. The defendant was Friday afternoon brought, which the judge-commissioner decided that the judgment is not renewed.

Akyol confirms to that the Amersfoorter him for two months online bother. “In terms of content, these threats are not necessarily heavier than other threats, but the difference is that it is here to systematically threaten and harass went. Were my children there for the first time in called and there can be scary sometimes.”

About the help of the police is Akyol very to speak. “I have only words of appreciation for them. I am however of the opinion that, as legislators, and the Room should be better looked to this kind of threats that journalists, if I limit our work.”

The journalist says that the threats are not extreme constraints on his daily life. “But there are definitely places and events where I would prefer not to come. I’m talking about places where people systematically disagree with me and there is a clear mind.”

Akyol did a long time not to report the threats, but is now in close contact with the police. “I have much too long just to watch while I was being threatened and have decided to get into action.”


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