Man are blasted for “hijacking” friend’s graduation with a marriage proposal

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She said, “yes,” but critics say “no.”

A man was accused of the ‘hijacking’ of his ex-girlfriend’s graduation ceremony due to the popping of the question, moments after she received her diploma. Video footage of the proposal has rubbed many the wrong way with some of the rays of the groom as a “pathetic manchild” for stealing his partner’s thunder during the important event.

In spite of intense public opposition, and the bride-to-be insists on the “excellent” proposal, made in the special graduation day even more special.”

Graduate Agne Banuskeviciute was all smiles as she recently received her Master’s degree in English language and applied linguistics at the University of Essex in England, in front of a packed audience of students, teachers, and loved ones — even though they had no idea a surprise was waiting.


The acceptance of a degree from a higher education institution on the front of the room, and her best friend Edgaras Averbuchas appeared, dramatically, dropping to one knee and asked for her hand in marriage, The newspaper reports.

Edgaras Averbuchas, images, photos, recently suggested to a friend Agne Banuskeviciute during her graduation ceremony from the University of Essex in the uk.
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Surrounded by a huge round of applause and cheers, a 25-year-old Banuskeviciute said, “yes,” to her 27-year-old beau.

In the days since, however, outraged commenters have hit Averbuchas as selfish and rude, it is proposed to his girlfriend of nine years, during an academic event.

“Now, imagine that you are a human being, and to feel so threatened by a woman’s intellectual success is that you have to force her to get in the frame of her identity/agency is in relation to you on the day that she is appreciated for her mind,” Dr. Jana Bacevic, University of Cambridge, tweeted in a post that has been liked by more than 800 times.

“This does not bode well for the relationship,” Aisha Ali-Khan, an organizer for the women to March in London, told the Telegraph in the contract. “When a person falls in love, it is such a public interest, and admiration of, all of the time, there is only room for one person and their ego in the relationship.”

Even though the representatives of the public research university in the united kingdom, away from the video of the proposal on their Twitter page after an intense outcry, such as The Sun, the school is not moving fast enough to escape the wrath of the outraged commenters.


“Blimey. That was the point. He couldn’t stand it. It Had to be about him,” one user sneered. “Pathetic manchild. I hope that they will write when they see the video.”

Public proposals always give me the creeps…. it is up to the management of behaviour, which is not a lot of good things…,” another agreed.

“This is gross, and I’m really shocked that the University of Essex have found it appropriate to tweet,” is an echo.

Others, however, are not the hated, to be so offensive.

“Without the knowledge of the people involved, I think, is that I don’t feel that it was any of us the right to sit in judgment,” as a fan, etc.

Officials of the university have responded to the controversy in a July 23 statement, claiming that the Banuskeviciute in fact, it was “very pleased” with the same-day proposal.

“I think this will be the day it was made even better by this proposal,” the graduate said. “I remember standing on the stage. I was a little nervous, but very, very, very happy.”


“And then, all of a sudden, I saw Edgaras, but everything was happening so fast that it took me some time to understand what actually happened,” Banuskeviciute to continue. “Everyone cheered and it was a great proposal that really took me by surprise.”

The couple met as teenagers in their hometown of Vilnius, Lithuania, luxembourg, the newspaper reports, and have been together for almost a decade.

When contacted for comment, representatives from the University of Essex, refused to provide Fox News the additional information about the story.


In similar headlines, a man was mercilessly mocked for proposing to his girlfriend, is running the New York City Marathon, in the middle of the month for November 2018 and the race.

“He didn’t propose to her at the finish line?” one commentator wondered.

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