‘Malariavaccin must be widely tested’

‘Malariavaccin must be widely tested’

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Candidate vaccines against malaria should be in more people being tested than previously assumed. Scientists of the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam and the Radboudumc in Nijmegen have an analytical model is developed to determine the minimum number of participants is for a good study.

“It is important that there are enough volunteers to participate to the right conclusions. On the other hand, you do want the groups to be as small as possible so as to not have more people than is absolutely necessary to malaria to expose,” says Robert Sauerwein, professor of Medical Parasitology in the Radboudumc.

The analytical model and the arguments for this are published Friday in PLoS Computational Biology.

“In the early test phase of a vaccine candidate in a larger groups of people to be vaccinated in studies, the greater the chance that we have more promising vaccines and thus find faster an effective vaccine discovery against this disease,” says Luc Coffeng, a researcher at the department of public Health of the Erasmus MC.

In the testing of candidate vaccines will first be tested in controlled malaria-infectiestudies, the CHMI study. Here are healthy volunteers infected with malaria to study the possible protective effect of the vaccine. This is all done in highly controlled conditions.


The researchers are of the opinion that there is more quickly an effective vaccine can be found if the research group for CHMI studies can be improved

Over the last ten years of his forties, a large number of candidate vaccines were clinically tested on humans. Thereof is proved to be one vaccine, the RTSS vaccine, is promising. After vaccination appeared to children for 45,7 per cent protection against malaria for eighteen months.

To malaria die each year 438.000 people and the disease is the number one cause of death in the world in children.

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