Makes wearing cheerful clothes(you)run us happy?

Also this spring — we are again in the yellow. For years, the color is seen as to onflatterend, but now dominates yellow all the catwalks, red carpets and even the film industry. Is happiness in a musicaloutfit?

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‘The clothes make the man’, it is a well-known expression, and there is a truth in it. Not only because of the clothing an impression, but also because they are the state of mind of the wearer can affect.

Fashion designers give us during the warmer months of 2017 a hefty dose of feelgood in the form of bright, cheerful colors. With dot on one state is yellow, in all shades that we can imagine. For every skin tone there is a shade of yellow that flatters and make you smile.

But during a film night, we are inspired. The yellow dress of Emma Stone in La La Land, is now on everyone’s retinas.

La La Land: the now iconic yellow dress of Emma Stone. © –

The poster of the audience favorite for the Oscars shows Ryan Gosling in a white shirt and Emma Stone in a summery yellow dress. The viewer will immediately make the association with cheerful musicalnummers, balmy evenings and romantic getaways. And also the outfits of televisiepersonages such as Kimmy Schmidt or Rebecca Bunch of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend who reflect their emotions.


Viktoria Beckham © Instagram

Other striking colors such as green and pink, dominate the voorjaarsmode. Pantone called Greenery to color of the year and Victoria Beckham dressed up for the presentation of the Woolmark Prize in the blue and orange.

And also on beautyvlak is the spring of 2017, a feast of colour: popkleuren, eighties references, and even flowers on the face. Happy, happier, happiest. And there do but a pink or blue coupe, because our hair may be lentekolder scream.

The science

In a study from 2012 titled ‘Enclothed Cognition’ went researchers the extent to which clothes have on the psychological processes of the wearer. The symbolic meaning of an outfit in combination with the physical experience of wearing a garment by the scientists verified by an experiment with doktersjassen. In one of the tests, subjects received a doktersjas. Group A was told that it was a doktersjas and group B that it is a jacket was a painter. The people with the doktersjas, which is also the link put with a doctor, could the tasks they got from the researchers with more focus run than those who thought that they dressed went as a painter.

The cheerful dresses from the French musical “Les Demoiselles de Rochefort’ © –

Carolyn Mair, a psychologist who specializes in modepsychologie, explains to The Guardian that clothes do indeed have an impact on your mind, but that the carrier must in particular believe in the significance of the colour or outfit in order to be effective. Colours have in different cultures different meanings. A white outfit is with us, for example, are associated with summer scenes or a bruidslook, but in China is worn to mourn. Depending on which association will be carriers while picking out an outfit other decisions.

Symbolic meaning

“When people believe in the symbolic meaning of their clothes, their cognitive processes can influence and thus also emotions strengthen,” explains the psychologist. Happiness resides not in trend colors, but in the outfits to choose from in which you are self-confident feel. That certain colors as cheerful to be considered than others does indeed affect how we feel when we see someone in a cheerful look or a yellow dress picking out our wardrobe.

Make-up look from Preen: colorful flowers on the face © –

Associations with colors, how well known, do not happen always to be aware of. In a study of the effect of the color red, scientists have found that men are more quickly attracted to feel to women who have red wearing. Yet the gifts of the male subjects that color has no effect on their rating. They chose, therefore, completely oblivious to the pictures with women with red outfit aanhadden.

So if you are after the look of La La Land desire to be a cheerful colour to attract and tapdansend life? Go for it, because you make not only yourself happy, but probably everyone around you. Even though they have not by why they are so happy as to be of brightly coloured whirlwind that just passed danced.

Make-uplook from Max Mara: colorful stripes. © Instagram

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