Makes a certain amount of toothpaste is really for whiter teeth?

White teeth: who doesn’t want that? Teeth Whitening toothpaste promises to whiten your teeth, to make. But to do that, too? A dentist by Richard Kohsiek, gives the answer.

At the door of the house, to include: teeth heard all the way not to be white. “The bone has a yellowish tint,” says Kohsiek. “Surrounded by the enamel, which is glass with a slight blue tinge. Through it, you can have a yellow yet to be seen. It is because of the lighting or you have a yellow or a white.”

As you get older, your teeth are more yellow. According to the dentist white teeth are something which a lot of people see it in advertising, or in influencers and tv personalities. “We all want to be white because white is clean. But actually, there are yellow teeth healthier. If you like yellow, then it means that you have a lot of very thick bone, so you have strong teeth you have.”

The yellow deposits, however, can be removed

The yellow colour of the dentine, it is, of course, is not the way to work. But is it not the case that some of the things that you have to eat your teeth are more yellow, such as coffee. “Coffee, tea, and wine can, indeed, impact on our set of teeth take care. There are the remains of all the sticky coating on your teeth. In this film, you can usually afpoetsen.”

“The most important thing about the toothpaste is the fluoride.”
By Richard Kohsiek, dental

What toothpaste are you using to make the attack, then, by Kohsiek’s all right. “They’re pretty much all the same. In a tooth whitening toothpaste is slightly more abrasive, or a tool that’s tartar, prevents. But, very often, that is in regular toothpaste. If you look at the tube of paste, do people think that it will help.”

Can be abrasive in toothpaste is not dangerous? “There are hardly any toothpaste that has too much sand, because it will not have some of the manufacturer’s instructions. Then you have enamel damage, and there could be scratches to me. Just as you would in the windows for scratches, if you are using an abrasive scrub.”

The most important part of a toothpaste is fluoride seem to be telling Kohsiek. “In addition, you need to have a good toothbrush and regular contact with a tooth pick and get to work. If you get there in the end. People will want hardly believe that it’s as simple as that.”

Food and drink can be a yellow attack in the us. (Source: 123RF)

How do I get whiter teeth?

By brushing, you won’t get anywhere, like between your teeth. Kohsiek, “Well, there’s yellow around the edges occur. When the yellow attack, do not want to, you can get your teeth clean at the dentist’s or dental hygienist.”

Who doesn’t want that to bleed into the icing to draw, you can also look at the amount of eating and drinking moments. “If you have to be a little like eating or drinking, the acids are more likely to be in the glaze as your enamel has not had time to recover. Fortunately, elevates the saliva, the acid level back up, but it might be smart to keep it to five to seven dining and drinking moments.”

If you really want whiter teeth? It is turned out to be the only option. “The stains of food and drinks on the enamel surface are dissolved. It can be compared to a pair of jeans, which is a drop of pale for free. The bone whitening for teeth in which the nerve has been removed. As long as you have bleach or a mild means, it is not proven that it is bad for your teeth.”

Richard Kohsiek is a member of the board at Dutch Society for the promotion of Dentistry (KNMT). In that capacity, he was responsible for the quality of oral health care in a broad sense, the relationship between a healthy mouth and the overall health of the people, especially children and the elderly.

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