Maker worstelfilmpje Trump, and CNN apologizes

Maker worstelfilmpje Trump, and CNN apologizes

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The man who was responsible for the movie in which Donald Trump, a man with the CNN logo on the spot of his head in turn, has apologized.

In a statement on his page on Reddit, the creator “that it is but a joke”. He suggests “not wanting to encourage violence against journalists”. The message in which the man’s apology, was a number of hours later had removed, so reports The Hollywood Reporter.

In the video, who is the president Sunday on his Twitter account placed, it is Trump to see who repeatedly takes on a man with a CNN logo in the place of the head. The fragment shows a modified version of a performance of the current president in 2007 at a worstelevenement. Therein takes on Trump on the chairman of worstelzender WWE.

The movie caused a lot of commotion. Trump is for months aggressively against journalists. He accuses critical media “nepnieuws” and called the media several times “enemies of the people”.


Trump “fight” with CNN in by himself getwitterde video

Sad day

The maker of the video, apologized incidentally, it is only after CNN, his identity had become outdated. The station has promised the name of the man not to make known to his privacy. Should he go back on his apology and the film once again distribute reserves CNN has the right to the promise to come back.

CNN gave Sunday, after Trump the movie via Twitter had spread, in a statement. “It is a sad day when the president of the United States violence against journalists encourages”, responded to the transmitter. “Instead of to prepare for his first meeting with Vladimir Putin, the question of North Korea and its new social services, he is doing childish behaviour, far below the dignity of his office.”

Modern presidential

Previously declared Sarah Huchabee Sanders, Trumps assistant perschef, that the president’s “no way ever violence would encourage. Rather just the opposite”. They gave no explanation of what they exactly with that second sentence.

Trump suggested on Saturday that he has his own Twitter behavior, “modern presidential”. The president responded to previous posts in which he is a presenter of MSNBC an “IQ-less idiot” called and his wife and co-presenter was alleged that they “bled like she has a facelift had”.

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