Maker Titanfall brings free Fortnite-competitor Apex Legends

Developer Respawn, been responsible for parts of the shooters Titanfall and Call of Duty, has a free battleroyalegame released. Apex Legends was Monday night presented and is directly playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game is free to download.

Apex Legends is a spin-off of the Titanfall games, in which shooting action combined with big robots. In the new game is played with both human characters such as robots, that Legends are mentioned and all have their own special powers and weapons. For example, the Lifeline for injured players to fix and there is the Bloodhound that tracks.

Just as in other battleroyalespellen be players at the same time, on an island of dropped. Apex Legends is playable in teams of up to three players and in total there are sixty players in a level. The game stops when a player or team as the last man standing.

According to Respawn and publisher EA, the game is in the course of time expanded. So, there are now eight Legends, but appear there in the future also other characters. Although the game is free, players may be, for example, play money, clothing or wapenskins buy. In addition, the game with seasons. Players can apply to join special stuff to unlock, as in Fortnite.

Respawn works allegedly also to the third part of the Titanfall series. At the end of this year Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order of the developer appear.


Watch the trailer of Apex Legends

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