Maker Tesla-cameras find the Autopilot feature to go far

Maker Tesla-cameras find the Autopilot feature to go far

Mobileye, the company that cameras and software, and delivers to automakers to make vehicles safer, will find that the Autopilot feature Tesla goes too far.

In July, he broke Mobileye’s ties with Tesla, after a fatal accident with a car that made use of the Autopilot feature. That function must include ensuring that cars in one road and other road users avoid.

Technical director Amnon Shashua of Mobileye says to Reuters that Tesla wants too much to do with the Autopilot system. “It is not designed to be safe to cope with all the possible crashsituaties.”

“It is a assistentiesysteem for drivers, no chauffeurloos system,” says Shashua.


Tesla denies that the Autopilot is presented as zelfrijfunctie. The automaker warns drivers that they have their hands on the wheel and made it recently with a software update for that the warnings more urgent.

On YouTube are plenty of videos of drivers who have their hands a long time of the send. Also the driver who died in the deadly accident had such videos posted.


According to director Elon Musk of Tesla was “inevitable” that the cooperation with Mobileye would be stopped, because this company is the technological leaps of the Tesla couldn’t keep up. According to Tesla, the Autopilot is also a great deal of technology is used that is not of Mobileye is from.

Tesla’s use since the last Autopilot update more radar data to navigate, in place of data from the cameras of Mobileye.

According to Shashua was the cooperation with Tesla, however, on the initiative of Mobileye stopped. “In the long run, this is harmful to the interests of the company and the industry as a whole, as a company with our reputation associated continues to be with the search of the safety limits,” says Shashua.

Mobileye provides technology to 27 automakers, which account for about 70 percent of the market.

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