Maker of luxury smartphones Vertu connect productiedivisie

Maker of luxury smartphones Vertu connect productiedivisie

Photo: Vertu

The British luxesmartphonemaker Vertu is going to stop the production of phones. By the close of the productietak are two hundred people on the street.

That reports The Telegraph. The conclusion of the division was announced after a rescue plan for the company failed.

Vertu is known for its smartphones for the tens of thousands of euros are sold. The devices contain luxury materials such as ostrich leather and jewels.

Vertu must have an amount of debt of 128 million pounds (145 million euros) to repay. The owner of the company hoped this debt for the time to solve at one time, 1.9 million pounds to pay. The involved parties were not in agreement.

Only production

Because the payment plan is not accepted, would Vertu be required for its production department to close. A spokesman of the company emphasizes that other components of Vertu are not affected.

It is unclear how Vertu are now, work will continue. The company could search for a third-party manufacturer, but there is nothing about published.

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