Make your life easier, wear a uniform

Hmm, you’re frustrated because you have a uniform to wear at work? There, you can feel free to stop, because a uniform gives you quite a lot of benefits. And that there are so many that there are even people voluntarily choose.

Jonas Hammers © Belga

Matilda Kahl, the American art director at media agency Satchi & Satchi, was her daily kledingcrisissen three years ago, so tired, that she decided her salvation in a werkuniform. Since then wears them every day again a pair of black trousers, a white blouse and a black lace that they wrapped around her neck strictly. On colder days, she pulls a black jacket out of the closet. Et voila.

Matilda Kahl © Instagram

Why she does it? For ease of use. With a uniform you need in the morning no need to worry anymore if your outfit is not too formal, your skirt is not too short or that combination is not something too ‘special’. Nothing new

A voluntarily chosen werkuniform is, in fact, not enormously original. Just look at Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or Karl Lagerfeld. Barack Obama declares his love for the same kind of suit as follows: “I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make.” Conclude your ceo or president will be in a uniform to wear, is maybe a tad exaggerated, but it will be your creativity at least, not stand in the way.

Hooray, a mandatory uniform!

You have not voluntarily chosen to werkuniform? Even then you have still a few reasons to be pleased:

Matilda Kahl © Instagram

  • In the weekend you can completely let go in your own wardrobe. Double party!
  • You can really save some money because you shoppingbudget about less pieces need to distribute. You can smell the leather designertas already? And you feel that previously a lot of expensive shoes on your feet?
  • You lose in the morning, less time as a man possessed by your wardrobe to rant, so you can more spend on your accessories, hairstyle and make-up! Personality in your look stitches has never been so easy.

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