Majority of the Dutch want a ban on smoking in places with children

Seven in ten Dutch want to be in more places where a lot of children come to a smoking ban, it appears, on Monday, and an investigation into the support for tabaksontmoedigende measures. The research was commissioned by the DUTCH Cancer society carried out by research agency Kantar.

A large majority of the respondents were in favour of a smoking ban in educational farms, school grounds of high schools, playgrounds, and buitensportterreinen.

Also the environment of childcare centres, outdoor pools, football stadiums, amusement parks and platforms it would according to most respondents, non-smoking throughout.

To prevent young people start smoking, wants to 71 percent that cigarettes are not visible in the shops. More than three-quarters want a more active and smoke-free policies in the Netherlands.


Are we really less smoke?

‘Government should ensure that young people do not start smoking’

Of the 1.127 surveyed adults found 80 per cent that the government should take measures to prevent young people from starting smoking. There is also a majority that wants that companies are committed to the concept of ‘non-generation’.

Half of the people want to take action yourself by talking with children to establish, and petitions to sign, and smoking in the vicinity of children to speak.

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