‘Majority of pediatricians found that younger patients have a right to euthanasia’

Eight out of ten doctors in the last few years, the young, to unbearable suffering in any way, children under twelve years of treatment, found that the active levensbeëindiging, under certain circumstances, you may need to be seen from a study of three Dutch university medical centers.

Annually, it is estimated, sixty pediatric patients like to treat. The Beatrix children’s Hospital, the university medical center groningen in Groningen, the netherlands, the Erasmus MC and the city of Amsterdam and the UNIVERSITY have, on behalf of the federal ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, the 38 physicians interviewed in the past few years, with more than 350 seriously ill or disabled young patients are treated.

32 the doctors to let them know that euthanasia is also a way for young children, you may need to have. In total, 359 of the cases, it would be 46, the unbearable suffering of patients have benefited from euthanasia, according to the doctors.

For a lot of children in the dying process in spite of a deterioration in the health of weeks, and they suffer in that time period a lot of pain. “Parents want this process to be speeded up or cut short, according to professor and researcher, Eduard Verhagen.

The research was on Saturday presented to the house of commons. The researchers are hoping that there will be new rules surrounding the active levensbeëindiging for the children.

‘Grey area’ in the regulations for the humane euthanasia of young children

Today, children between the ages of twelve and sixteen years of age to decide about their treatment. For children up to the age of one year is a decision for parents and physicians. For the group of children between the ages of two ages, the rules are “unclear”, because they don’t wilsbekwaam it.

Euthanasia of young children, in the last few years, a bespreekbaarder has become the subject. In 2018, Belgium was the first country in that it is a controversial idea, in part.


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