Maine Governor scribbles ‘stolen elections” on the certificate, that the Democrat will win the elections

nearvideo the Maine’s new ranked-choice voting system under fire

Republicans will lose a seat-even though he votes on most of the first place; Douglas Kennedy reports.

Outgoing Republican Maine Gov. Paul LePage took a swipe on Friday at a Democratic candidate’s victory in a disputed house race, the writing of the “stolen elections” in addition to its signature on the certificate of the election result.

LePage certified the victory of Democratic Rep.-elect Jared Golden, according to Rep. Bruce Poliquin, a two-term Republican Congressman, leaving his opponent on Christmas eve, after a controversial legal challenge.


“I signed off on the [Maine’s 2nd congressional district] election result, such as it is, not in Federal court,” LePage wrote in a tweet, attaching the certificate with the phrase “stolen election” next to his signature.

“Ranked-Choice Voting has measured not a real majority, as I said-just in a plurality of different. It is not the big money out of politics and not the result in a more civil choice,” he added.

The controversy over the breed comes from Maine “ranked-choice” electoral system, where if no candidate gets a clear majority of votes for a second recording is triggered. In this case, the second and even third choice to be added to some voters, to count the sum.

The Republicans received about 2,000 more votes than the Democrats, short of the absolute majority. But Golden managed before the surge of Poliquin in accordance with the second preferences of the voting the support of two other independent candidates, ballots were re-assigned.

The incumbent Congressman claims that the system be declared unconstitutional and demanded that the courts declare to be either held him to be a winner or a further choice.

Maine’s top state court in the past year warned that ranked-choice voting conflict with the state Constitution, which says that the winner of the ” state-level races, whoever gets the most votes, or a variety.

Rep. Bruce Poliquin, R-Maine, ended his legal challenge to the election of his Democratic opponent. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

The Golden upset victory is a setback for the Republicans in the Congress, lost control of the house after the midterm elections.


Maine’s 2nd congressional district historically leaned democratic, voters, by an overwhelming majority for President, the Trump during the 2016 presidential elections.

LePage will be replaced by democratic state Attorney General Janet Mills, the later the first female Governor in the state, and the first Democrat to that office in more than a decade.

The Republicans, who served as the state’s Governor for eight years, and could not, again due to time limits. He had previously told reporters that he out of politics and the move to Florida due to low taxation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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