Maine bill to ensure Menstruation, and products for the prisoners is not needed,’ GOP lawmaker says

Rep. Richard Pickett argued that a bill, in order to guarantee, free tampons, pads and menstrual cups to the state prison was the inmates unnecessarily.

A Republican legislator in Maine on Friday argued that a bill, in order to guarantee, free tampons, pads and menstrual cups to the state prison was the inmates is unnecessary and warned against trying to “micromanage” the criminal justice system.

Rep. Richard Pickett weighed in on the bill, during a hearing last week. In a statement to Fox News on Thursday, Pickett said that “female prisoners currently receive an unlimited supply of pads and tampons, and allows for additional showers and clothes in case of an accident with severe bleeding,” and that a law to enforce, “not necessary.”


The bill States that women in the justice system prisons, “the right to comprehensive access to menstrual products, including, but not limited to, sanitary pads, tampons, and menstrual cups, free of charge, provided the person in custody.”

The lawmakers told Fox News that he “fully support[s] access to feminine hygiene products for the female prisoners,” but implies that the bill is part of an effort to “continue to micromanage the prison systems.”

“There are to get availability for what you need, if you want something different, in the canteen,” Pickett feminine hygiene products said. “And, quite frankly, and I don’t mean that in any disrespect, but the prison system and the correction system was never meant to be a country club.”

Democratic Republic of Charlotte Warren, the Sponsor of the bill, replied to a report of the Maine lighthouse, tweeting that “access to tampons, never done that before, I feel like I ‘m hangin’ at the Country Club.”

Whitney Parrish, of the Maine Women’s Lobby, on Friday expressed support for the bill, according to the news outlet. You in detail what is happening with prisoners, imprisoned for their time.

“You get a limited supply of menstrual products per month, often of low quality due to the cost saving, and if you run, you are out there,” Parrish said. “You have no money to go to commissary, and if you do this, you can weigh the purchase against other necessary things, like phone calls to your children or lawyer. You are forced to build the impossible decision of your own menstrual cycle products, with everything from clothing, or notebook paper instead of a tampon.”


Pickett said that “all but a few county jails” provides sanitary products to inmates.

“That is why I am not against the bill, because it was necessary. If these products were not delivered, and, in an unlimited number, I would be the first to vote in favor of the bill,” he said.

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