Maid of honor claims almost 100 goldfish died after ‘crappy’ bride insisted on them as wedding favors

Sad bride holding a goldfish in a plastic bag with holes and the water is leaking isolated on white background

Nothing says wedding like a bag of goldfish to take home.

A maid of honor shared a alleged event on Reddit is Bridezilla forum, which both ended with a friendship and killed almost 100 fish in the process.

The anonymous woman, who describes himself only as the MOH (maid of honor), shared a scandalous account of the wedding of her “(then) best friend,” which allegedly involved the use of “living creatures as wedding favors.”


“You see, the ex-friend was an animal lover. On and off again vegetarian/vegan, PETA supporter, etc. She was particularly fond of fish. With that in mind, how much fun would it be to get a couple of goldfish in a globe as a centerpiece? Real, live goldfish – a few of them (to the few, see?) – on each table, all 40 of them,” the MOH wrote on Reddit.

Although the MOH claims that they raised “several concerns,” the bride was insistent on having the fish during the ceremony.

“M[O]:” What happens to the fish after the ceremony?’

B[rit]: ‘Oh, the guests can take them home! They would be as wedding favors! Souvenirs!’

M: “But not everyone is going to want to take home a new pet from a wedding. People tend to like having a say in what pets they want to take care of.'”

The MOH claims that they asked the question of the fish is “stress” from the chaos of the wedding, but the bride insisted, “it would also not matter.”

“B:” that in the tank at Wal-Mart don’t seem to mind if people walk on them all the time.’

M: “Yes, speaking of those who in the tank at Wal-Mart… there is always a good number of them floating on the top. What if your trackers during the reception? I mean, it’s not a tasty sight for the people to eat their meals. Besides, it would not provide the best representation of your relationship. There is a lot of… not good… symbolism there.'”


Despite the hesitation up, the bride reportedly decided to go ahead with the fish favors, and that with the MOH “floater duty” to remove the dead floating fish from the bags and replaced by others which were kept in the back.

The bride reportedly bought nearly 100 goldfish 3 cents per piece 40 centerpieces. When the wedding was over, although not one of the guests took home the goldfish, the MOH claimed in the post.

“It couldn’t have helped that the bride would not think to provide containers for them. So, will the bride and groom, the adoption of these eighty goldfish plus about ten ‘free’ still in the back to swim around in the big bag from the pet store? Alas, they can’t! They left on their honeymoon,” she wrote.

The woman claims that she took home all the remains of fish, noting that most of them died in the marriage, during the transport or the next day after they changed them in a tank she bought that day.

However, there was one that managed to last five years.

“I named it Sunshine. It was much longer than my friendship with the bride, and many a lot more than her marriage,” the MOH wrote.


The MOH’s rant was filled with rage on Reddit.

“Urgh, that is horrible! She is definitely not an animal lover. Animals are not decorations!” one person wrote.

“If a goldfish lover, this infuriates me. They only live short amounts of time, because of abuse. She lives 20 ish years and grow to at least 1 to 2 feet long, with” another wrote.

“What a monster,” one person succinctly explained.

Although the MOH does not say how long ago the wedding was, they didn’t seem to be angry about the loss of friendship, the calling of the bride “kind of a worthless person,” in a comment.

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