Maestro-the winner could see himself in his sleep, and conduct

More than 1.9 million people Sunday night to have seen that, Lucas Hamming, the gain of the first season, Maestro credit cards in his name, in the book. The musician says in the interview with the he thinks for a moment to get used to the dirigeerloze life, and that he can now come and see for yourself.

“At first, I was just getting some exercise,” says the 26-year-old Hamming. “In my studio, in front of the bathroom, in front of a mirror. If I make things more difficult in the bed and lay back on the table, and my eyes are dichtdeed, I saw it in the corner of my eye to the top of the baton swing. So that will take some getting used to.”

The singer, who is well-known due to the program’s best singer-songwriters in the Netherlands, conducted at the finale of the Fifth symphony of Beethoven and the theme music from the Dutch series of the Firmware. Co-finalist, Monic Hendrickx has received from the public, eventually, with 39 percent of the vote, which is the gold region for this general going. “It was only in the finale did I truly feel it is to conduct thorough,” says Hamming. “I thought to myself:” now, we really have to make music with all of you.”

The singer said that it was not prepared to have to make a profit off of going. “I have had it up earlier today, but it was not engaged in the business of winning. I got it all out of what I was able to get the win is the icing on the cake.”

‘Wants to be on the new album, the orchestra adding

All In all, this general is for 2.5 month, been busy with the preparations and rehearsals for the Card. The most memorable, he thought it time that he was allowed to practice with the band. “Because you’re all that you’ve learned, can actually carry out, in lieu of that, the lions will be released. It did feel like the first time, or a little more.”

On the question of whether he is due to his / her participation, otherwise, it is going to be looking at, classical music, and responds to the singer, ” yes.” “I enjoy it more and more, and listen to it in a different way. And more, because of all the layers of the pieces of information: the composition of the set of instruments.”

Or at Hammings new album, which he wrote, and on October 3, 2020 to be played in the Kleine Komedie in Amsterdam, one of which orkestelementen back. “I have to write in the space for the left, there is still an orchestra in here. A wind ensemble that would be quite good to have my music fit in.”

177Lucas this general to conduct a tv and tune the Firmware during the finale, Maestro.

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