Maduro confirms the continue referendum on constituent assembly

Maduro confirms the continue referendum on constituent assembly

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Residents of Venezuela have this coming weekend to the polls to members of the controversial constituent assembly to choose, as president Nicolas Maduro Sunday announced.

The president of Venezuela, giving not under the impression of the pressure from home and abroad for its policy to be revised. “Next week will be the Venezuelans vote for a constituent assembly”, showed Maduro Sunday in his weekly tv program recording.

The opposition in Venezuela and will see the formation of a constituent assembly as a ploy to parliament to lift and a dictatorship established.

Financial sanctions

Also, many other countries are averse to the plans of Maduro. Sunday it was announced that the U.s. government is considering financial sanctions against Venezuela. It would therefore be more difficult to be in dollars to pay for the oil of the South American country.

The Americans want the socialist government of Venezuela on that way to force to plan for a new parliament to scrap. According to the critics, concerns the plans of president Nicolas Maduro to ensure that his position as president even stronger.

The opposition in Venezuela has for the following week, protests announced against Maduro. It is going to be a two-day strike on Wednesday and Thursday and massive marches on Monday and Friday.

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