Machinists held for deadly train accident in Egypt

Machinists held for deadly train accident in Egypt

Photo: AFP

An Egyptian prosecutor has Sunday, two machinists and two of their assistants held that the trains ran during the heavy accident Friday in the city of Alexandria.

In the accident fell 41 dead and 133 injured, according to the latest figures from news agency MENA. The four drivers remain for the time being fifteen days in detention.

In video footage from after the accident is to see that some of the wagons of the train are printed, other are by the blow out of the path walked.

About the circumstances of the accident near the train station, Khorshid is still no certainty. A rescue worker called a wrong bill if probable cause. The Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has a large-scale study is welded to the accident.

There is much complaining about the safety on the track in Egypt. The country is also regularly hit by severe spoorwegongelukken. In 2002 there were 360 passengers to death because a fire broke out in their train.

Dozens of dead and wounded in train accident in Egypt

In a collision between two trains near the Egyptian city of Alexandria are dozens of dead cases.

In a collision between two passenger trains, that were departed from, respectively, Cairo and Port Said, would a locomotive and two wagons are derailed.

On internetbeelden is to see that the single wagons of the train are pushed, others are by the blow from the rails walked.

There are regular accidents with trains in Egypt.

In 2012, fifty people, mostly children, killed when a school bus was hit by a train. In a train accident in 2002 fell 360 kill.

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