Maarten van der Weijden to cease borders is 24-hour swim

Maarten van der Weijden’s last Friday failed to make a recordafstand-to-swim-in-24-hours. He gave up after 18,5 hours, and 78,65 miles in the pool, The Park, in the centre of the Uk.

The 38-year-old Van der Weijden, olympic champion in 2008 in the 10 km open water, it started on Thursday at 19: 00 hours in the attempt, and was on track to meet the requirement of the 102 miles to pick it up.

On Friday, he received it during the course of the day, however, is more difficult. As the pace of Van der Weijden took off, and the record was in danger. After all, a couple of times, I talked to the people on the sidelines, he decided to pursue his efforts with a 5.5-hour left on the clock to stop.

In the swimming-pool in The Park is a 50-metre lap pool, but it was 25 feet with a kind of wall to build. Van der Weijden, who, during the swim, and ate and drank, and was not able to leave to go to the bathroom, she swam thus, each time the half-distance. The wall had more points and he could make his arms a rest, and give speed to his legs.

61Van der Weijden, disappointed, along side and after a failed attempt

The Record is still in Swedish hands

For the record, after more than thirty years, in the name of the new post, Otherwise Forvass, who, in 1989, for a distance of at 101.9 km swim. Van der Weijden tried to set the record for the third time to improve it.

In may 2017, he and 99,5 miles is very close to a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. A short time later, he swam it in 24 hours, however, a recordafstand of 102,8 km, but the performance is declared to be invalid; the signal for the start was not good, to hear it in the video, the entire effort on video with audio to be captured.

Just as we finished elfstedenzwemtocht this past summer, the wild, Van der Weijden – in addition to the honour, as much as possible to collect money for cancer research.

Maarten van der Weijden, at the start of the attempt, on Thursday, in the presence of, among others, to his children. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

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