Maaike Ouboter want to anxiety is no longer holding back

Maaike Ouboter want to anxiety is no longer holding back

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Maaike Ouboter is sometimes afraid that she will not be happy, but the 24-year-old singer-songwriter has decided that fear now just let.

“I will not deny: it is so good to be happy. But if I’m honest, I also feel a great anxiety to take is, do not be happy,” says Ouboter in an interview with the Belgian magazine Humo.

For the interview, conducted by filmmaker and photographer Anton Corbijn, did Ouboter only to write down where they are angry about and how they resulting energy is used to make a positive contribution to the world around her.

“I’ve decided my life long to try to be honest. (…) It is a struggle: also I shoot back quickly in my automatic mode of perfectionism. But I’ll keep trying. Because I think that it’s easier to open to open people. And how beautiful are the tears of emotion, of fear, or of despair, as you can share.”


According to the young musician, her anger from the fear of something wrong to do or wrong to understand. Also she feels anger as she observes that some people their emotions to hide.

“Angry at the inability: that so many people don’t dare to talk about their feelings. We are not all child will learn that it is normal to talk about what is going on in your mind. That we need, but do not know how. Or that it apparently didn’t feel safe.”

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