‘Maagverkleiningoperatie helps better to maintain weight loss’

‘Maagverkleiningoperatie helps better to maintain weight loss’

People who maagverkleiningsoperatie have had seem their lost weight less often to get back than people who weight without lose. The weight seems to be at least ten years away.

The Duke university in Durham did research to weight loss by different maagverkleiningsoperaties.

1,800 people, mostly men around fifty years old, underwent a form of a gewichtsverliesoperatie and ten years at hard moments weighted by the researchers. The same was done with 5.300 people who without surgery tried to fall off.

A year after the study began was the first group, on average, approximately 31 percent of their starting weight to lose, the second group is 1 percent.

After ten years the researchers had the weight data of 564 people from the first group, of which nineteen again were back at their starting weight. The rest was a total of 21 percent of their starting weight lost.

More research

According to the researchers, there is sufficient reason to believe that the operations in the long term work well for weight to lose. However, more research is needed among people in other age groups to advice on the basis of the research.

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