Luv’ returns with Chimène van Oosterhout as the third singer

José Hoebee and Marga scheide can be seen going to occur again as Luv’. This time not with Patty Brard or Ria Tielsch, but with Chimène van Oosterhout that the threesome is complete.

“I was very surprised when Marga called me. I’m a bit of a question, or you Ladies want to come. But since I didn’t have long to think about it. With my school friends, I did it before after all,” said the 54-year-old From Oosterhout, primarily known as a tv presenter and actress, in conversation with The Telegraph.

Depart knew Of Oosterhout longer and knew the repertoire of the group knows well. “Fifteen years ago, when just my husband Jacques had died, she drew me out of the valley, and she made me laugh. We have on the beach together for a songs of Luv’ to sing. Who knew, when they all all. She is a good singer!”, believes Depart.

“We need this week is still quite a long practice on the passes and the complete texts must I get, but it will certainly succeed before I next weekend in the deep word thrown in. The swing with the hands in Waldolala and Trojan Horse are going well, that I have already mastered! That you will not, that you’re going to do something where you, as a girl used to be dreamed of?”, says Van Oosterhout.

Luv’ was particularly in the seventies and eighties very popular. The group scored hits with songs like Greatest Lover and Casanova.


Luv’ occurs with hit Casanova

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