Luminary Of Veenendaal stresses that winning Orange team is

Luminary Of Veenendaal stresses that winning Orange team is

Sari van Veenendaal grew Thursday in the european CHAMPIONSHIP match against Denmark to luminary with the Oranjevrouwen, but the keepster stresses rather that the whole team has contributed to the 1-0 victory at The Castle.

“Or I’m the hero of the match feel? Well, the team had me harder than Sunday against Norway. But I am particularly pleased that we are again zero, and that we have as a team,” says Van Veenendaal for the camera of NUsport.

The 27-year-old Veenendaal, Orange, especially in the second half on the leg he thinks it’s difficult to get one of her rescues to be designated as the most beautiful. “There were a lot of. I need them back. The best I found, especially when the referee affloot. This was a very important victory.”

In the early stages it seemed to be an easy evening for the Netherlands. Sherida Pointed made after twenty minutes from the strafschopstip 1-0 and Orange got opportunities for more. After rest, however, it was Denmark that was stronger, though it felt to let that the end would not fall.

“When Anouk Dekker the ball from the line pulled out, I had the idea: the luck is on our side. Now We are going to everything before throwing and this victory address. And that’s what we’ve done.”


Van Veenendaal happy with all the reactions of teammates

Not fair

One of the critical moments for the purpose of Orange was half way through the second half when Van Veenendaal on the ball clamp and then outside the penalty area and the Danish middenveldster Line Jensen about her legs saw duikelen.

“They (Sanne Troelsgaard, ed.) slipped hard on me and therefore I dropped the ball loose. Then jump Jensen so high on me that they still have not landed,” says Van Veenendaal, who immediately motioned that the Danish are exaggerated dropped.

“I thought it was not fair what they did. It does not belong to our sport. On the other hand, this is a tournament. Each point is important, but fortunately the points were for us again.”

Oranjevrouwen a little too strong for Denmark

The Oranjevrouwen have Thursday at the european CHAMPIONSHIP with a hard fought victory booked on Denmark: 1-0.
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By the victory the team of head coach Sarina Wiegman with a leg in the quarter-finals.




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Six points

By the victory is Orange with six points from two matches to lead group A, but it may be Monday in the last round still go wrong against Belgium, which as well as Denmark three points.

“We have nothing”, be aware Of Veenendaal. “We just need to continue on this way and then we can hopefully also against Belgium, again a good result.”

The netherlands against Belgium begins Monday at 20.45 hrs and will be played at the Koning Willem II Stadium in Tilburg, the netherlands. The other team contest, between Denmark and Norway, is at the same time finished.

After the 2nd matchday in Group A the Netherlands is only at the top with 6 points. The Norwegians are surprisingly on spot 4….


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20:39 – 20 July 2017

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