LUMC start test with antibodies against type 1 diabetes

LUMC start test with antibodies against type 1 diabetes

The Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) started a trial for a new treatment of type 1 diabetes. Subjects with treated immune cells injected that the immune system must be correct and hence diabetes must be cured.

The new cell therapy is to nine people in the Netherlands are tested, as the LUMC know. The research is funded by stichting DON (Diabetes Research in the Netherlands) and the Dutch Diabetes Fund.

For the study, immune cells from the blood extracted and then treated with vitamin D3, after which they are restored in the body. The researchers believe that the cells of the immune system correct, making insulin-producing cells will no longer be attacked.

The research, among the nine subjects, it takes a year and a half, to assess the feasibility and safety of the therapy to test. Then follows a larger study.

Diabetes type 1 is a congenital disorder in which the body is insufficient or no insulin is created. In the Netherlands, type 2 diabetes is more common; this condition develops in the body and is not at birth already exists.

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