Luke Cage-the author wants viewers using the n-word ‘to think’

Luke Cage-the author wants viewers using the n-word ‘to think’

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The use of the “n-word” (“nigga”) in the new series, Luke Cage is a conscious choice, says writer and executive producer Cheo Hodari Coker. He wants viewers agree to think.

“My goal is to have discussion generating. You hear the word continuously in the music, and we stopped there to ask. Luke Cage is a new chance to talk about the question of whether this word at all should be used,” says Coker to

Luke Cage is based on the eponymous black superhero from Marvel Comics. The Netflix series takes place in the Afro-American district of Harlem in New York. In the first episode, is the word already after a quarter of an hour. In the episode, then gives Cage a boy that the word used for a reprimand.

“I don’t think this story is believable you can tell if you this issue is not indicates. At a show like this you want people, as it were, the characters ‘listen’. I want viewers to know how we as black people discussions about this word.”

Luke Cage-writer Cheo Coker on the use of the ‘n-word’


Coker realizes that the loaded word discussion will call. “Some people will feel uncomfortable. But to be honest I give no fuck.”

“I want people to understand: whether you like this word or not, it does. And this is a chance to debate about it on a natural way to dots. That is better than that you hear in the umpteenth slavernijfilm,” concludes Coker.

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