Lukaku: ‘We can be even better’

This gives me satisfaction, says coach Roberto Martinez after the impressive 5-2 victory of the Red Devils against Tunisia at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS. “It’s not easy so much to score in two contests.

Roberto Martinez and Romelu Lukaku © Belga Image

After the 3-0 against Panama have the Belgians are now already eight times scored in Russia, no country does better.

‘It is good for the players to see each other fight,” said Martinez. ‘In addition to this, the talent and the quality.’

Against Panama had the Red Devils to wait until the 47th minute for the first goal, against Tunisia opened Eden Hazard already after six minutes the score from the strafschopstip. “Today was a different match in comparison with the match against Panama. The Panamanians came deep back and played structured, we had to find solutions. Today, the Tunisians, the merit that they are high pressure, and there will be an open contest of made. We expected that, Tunisia had to win.’

“It is good that we are able to adapt to different types of competitions. There is the desire to find solutions. Sometimes we saw. But then we are still going forward, seemed very sharp’, decided Martinez.

‘Continue to improve’

Lukaku, who already has four times scored in Russia and thus together with Cristiano Ronaldo topschutter, said in his first comment that ‘we could do better’.

“The main at a tournament like the world cup is that you are doing better than in the previous game. That is what we have done today. Against England the better.’

“If you are against better countries to play, you will have more focus and you need more goals”, continued Lukaku, Belgium has a more efficient wants to see. ‘Today we have five made, but it had seven or eight. We know that as a team and we know every game need to be better.’

With four goals to share Lukaku headed in the topschuttersstand with Cristiano Ronaldo. “But that is not the end goal. As far as getting into the tournament is. If I my team can help with the best I can, and that is score, the better.’

According to the striker of Manchester United, Belgium is also after the demonstration against Tunisia, not the big favourite for the world title. ‘If we have a performance like today against a topland can supply, everyone will be Belgium, as one of the favorites’, he thinks. “We know what we should do and we are already looking forward to the next match against England.’

“In our system, the threat can come from anywhere. Today we have a very good way shown. But we also know that we will be able to do better than today. That is the beauty of football, that you can always get better games than in the previous game.”

‘Don’t count’

“We knew not that we are so easily able to score,” responded Yannick Carrasco for the microphone of Sporza/RTBF. He spoke of “a very nice match of the team’.

That the match against Tunisia so much more smoothly than against Panama, also for Carrasco itself, was the larger space that Tunisia, which had to attack, let.

Or Belgium, are now the top favourites, because so many other top teams rather stumbling through the tournament, the linkerflankspeler not have said. “We just have to play to win’.

And also against England, the next opponent, should not be reckoned, Carrasco. “We just have our match play, just like today. The trust, which is very important for our team.’

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