Lucky partner to a possible positive effect on own health

Lucky partner to a possible positive effect on own health

Having a partner who is positive in life, may be good for the own health. This would in any case apply for the elderly and people of middle age.

Researchers from the American university of Michigan followed 1.981 heterosexual couples for six years. The set, between 50 and 94 years old, were periodically questioned by means of surveys.

The participants had the level of happiness and satisfaction with their life review. In addition, they were given questions about their health and the health of their partner.

According to the study, participants who thought that their partner is positive in life was more often in better health than participants with an unhappy partner.

“The findings increase the assumption that there is a relationship between happiness and health, they suggest a unique social link,” says researcher William Chopik. The results of the research are published in Health Psychology.

Good luck

According to Chopik, there are three reasons why having a happy spouse is a good effect on the health. So would a happy person be more concerned with the health of his or her partner and also encourage them to look after than someone who is unhappy in life.

Happy partners would also be more likely their partner to engage in activities that are good for health, to think of a good night’s sleep, eating healthy food and getting enough exercise.

Also, a happy partner make for an easier and more positive life.

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