‘Lowlandsbezoekers typing by thoughts”

‘Lowlandsbezoekers typing by thoughts”

Photo: AFP

Visitors of the Lowlands festival during the festival types by their thoughts. Researchers of the Radboud University testing at the festival, a technique that allows computers to be controlled on the basis of brain activity.

The technique used with the brain activity to a computer, tablet or robot is driven, is called a brain-computer interface (BCI). icipants will receive a special hat on that the brain activity measure. Then it is determined how the brain responds to letters and computer screen flash.”So you can with our technique words, but also entire stories types”, says one of the Radboudwetenschappers from Nijmegen.

It is intended that the festival goers put together a story to write. “But it may as well be a poem, or complete gibberish; that is all the way to the Lowlands visitors.” The texts will be back to read through a Twitter feed, the festival newspaper and on the stickers that the participants receive after the experiment.

According to the researchers, the technique can in the future for a variety of purposes. So it should be possible to have the light on and off to do just by looking at the light switch. “Or, you could be in the hospital on an alarm button to press from your bed, without having to move.”

The 25th edition of the Lowlands festival is from 18 to 20 August at the event site Walibi in Biddinghuizen.

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