Love fights cyber-bullying, body shaming with designer dresses for girls

The founder of a website selling clothing for young women since 2008, says he is growing increasingly concerned with the bullying and body shaming was he to see online.

Sam Sisakhti said the trend first struck him a couple of years ago. He told Fox News via email that his company, started games online, invite customers to post photos of themselves in Our Trendy clothing on social media.

However, what would have been a nice way for the fans of the brand to communicate quickly ugly.


“I noticed that a lot of cyber-bullying and body shaming going on online, and the comments of the photos. It came to the point where we literally had an employee monitor the responses,” shared Sisakhti.

Instead of ignoring the bad cyber behavior, he made it his mission to stop the cycle of cyber-bullying and body shaming with a new program.

“Faith in Yourself is a national charitable organization that goes into low income areas in the entire country and provides girls with special occasion dresses for a formal event they have coming up. At the same time, we bring the speakers and facilitators in the donation events to speak with the girls about positive body image and to believe in themselves,” Sisakhi told us. “This summer, we are the roll-out of mentoring programs in different cities, towns and consist of weekly meetings where girls can come and talk with mentors.”

The official website for the non-profit organization, explained its mission as “dedicated to providing new, unworn designer dresses for girls to wear at school functions. A lot of teen girls are up against unattainable social standards that to them-that are not only unhealthy, but often unaffordable. In an attempt to close this gap, The Belief In Yourself Project is dedicated to the profitable promotion and empowerment of young women with a gift of trust.”

Moreover, the program start with a virtual component on Facebook Live and online webinars are interactive, for the girls to speak and interact with inflectional and inspiring women who are pursuing their dreams and/or have overcome body image issues. The mentors can speak in donations for a one-off obligation, to participate in the weekly mentoring groups, and/or take part in Facebook Live and online seminars,” said Sisakhti.


Sisakhti shared advice for a young woman, who has experienced cyber bullying and/or body shaming.

“Our outside has no reflection of our competence, fitness or self-esteem. Know that cyber-bullying and body shaming is just a tactic to try to imprison you or hold you back,” advised Sisakhti. “Ignore it, for free, and to pursue the life that you always imagined.”

Fox Reporter and FOX411 host, Diana Falzone covers celebrity news and interviews with some of today’s top celebrities and newsmakers. You can follow her on Twitter @dianafalzone.

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