Louis C. K. on Wednesday in Rotterdam, and for small-scale performance

As the American comedian Louis C. K. on Wednesday in Rotterdam and two small-scale performances, which are Tuesday and the final time was announced. The shows at the Club Haug, are now out of print.

On the web site of the Club, Haug was to find out that Louis C. K. for some new material to try out during a program, and a number of other comedians. In addition, it goes on to say that in the event of a “telefoonloze experience has been. “The use of mobile phones, smart watches and smart accessories, cameras and recording devices are not permitted in the hall.”

The Club Haug has let us know that the portions of the material at all is permitted: “Any use of these materials without the express, prior, written consent of Louis C. K., is strictly prohibited and shall be subject to all remedies available either in equity or in law, at the expense of everyone else, that this prohibition on the service. The making of a recording, in any form, including records, is not permitted in the dining room. You will be asked to leave if this is violated.”

The action in the testoptredens by Louis C. K. it is valid for longer. At the beginning of this month, reported the WALL that there was a negative reaction to the policy is met. The American comedian was in december, in a time when the recording of his new show, in which he made a joke about the survivors of the shooting at the Parkland High School in Florida, and licked.

That charged in break-in, after a sexual misconduct

Louis C. K. has, in the meantime, eight of the specials was released and it was a six-time Emmy award-winning. In 2017, he would have five women have been accused of sexual misconduct, and a set of both HBO or Netflix, for new partnerships to stop.

The comedian, well known in a letter to the debt and said that he won’t have anymore on the shelves would be. “I’ve had in my entire career and can say, and say what I wanted to do. I would like to take a step back and do a lot of time just listening to it.” By the end of 2018, he began to make a comeback.

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