‘Loss of autonomy, reduces quality of life of young cancer patient’

‘Loss of autonomy, reduces quality of life of young cancer patient’

Young cancer patients may have a reduced quality of life experienced when they autonomy and social support losses. Also would the ability to work with the consequences of the disease to the quality of life impact.

Writes that physician-researcher Suzanne Bare of the Radboudmc in the scientific journal Cancer. During the study, 83 kankerpatienten between 18 and 35 years old questioned for their quality of life. Especially women would have difficulty to control their lives to preserve it.

In the research state that the degree to which a person is able to take control over the own life, determines the quality of life. According to Bare, many adolescents and young adults, again depending on their parents when they are diagnosed with cancer. They would also have difficulty with the tracking of their education or maintaining their job.

Results of the research offer opportunities to improve care practices. According to Bald, should care for adolescents and young adults focus more on increasing the self-reliance of the patient.


So would the loss of social support is captured by already existing communities where patients to each other online can meet. However, support from the immediate environment, such as friends and family, of interest. Also would the power can be enlarged by the development of (online) self-management programs, writes Bare.

Bald emphasized that the degree of control on the private life, each patient is different, and that women have other needs of men. “The phrase ‘Who are you and what do you need’ gets by this study more scientific basis. We now know better on which factors we need to address. This gives us the tools to make improve still further.”

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