Losing Abdominal Fat

To lose weight by dieting and exercising can be very frustrating. And after you have lost oodles of weight, it is very distressing to see the abdominal bulge still in its place. Dieting and exercising may not be sufficient to lose all the abdominal fats.

This usually happens as the weight loss process reaches its plateau over a period of time and further weight loss cannot be achieved after that. However, the end to this problem is not far away. A new type of liposuction procedure may help you in getting a solution to your problems.

This new therapy called Ultrasonic liposuction can help in getting rid of abdominal bulge completely. This technique is completely harmless and is not as invasive as traditional form of liposuction. This method can be very helpful in eliminating the leftover fats that you could not lose even after dieting and exercising hard.

Ultrasonic liposuction, also referred to as UAL procedure, was introduced in United States in the year 1997. However, the technique was used in Europe much before that in 1990. Due to the harmless and less invasive nature of this mode of treatment, it has become the more preferred choice of patients compared to the traditional liposuction. The therapy works wonders for patients by melting away fats, by converting it in liquid form. This process needs use of ultrasonic vibrations at high frequency. UAL can help in maximum fat reduction and can be put to use in several different manners.

Fat reduction by UAL method is very safe compared to the traditional liposuction method. There is no risk of tearing tissues or puncturing any organ in this procedure. Also, there is no danger of causing damage to any nerves in this procedure. All these advantages are possible with UAL method without even taking a single incision on the body. Ultrasonic vibrations are highly beneficial for breaking fat cells and transforming them in liquid form. This liquefied fat can be disposed off by the body with its natural excretory process. However, the body is able to process only as much fat till it is harmless. This should be kept in mind and all the options for weight loss should be discussed with a doctor before beginning the treatment with UAL.

For treating large portions of fatty tissue, a combined therapy by using both traditional liposuction and UAL is very effective. It is also efficient for reducing fats in those parts of the body that can not be easily treated by the traditional liposuction approach. The procedure makes use of a device called cannel, which is a small vacuum tube made of metal. With the help of this device, the liquefied fat can be sucked out from the body without taking any incision. The process does not cause any harm or damage to other internal organs of the body. Hence, UAL method used as a standalone treatment or combined with traditional liposuction is the most preferred choice of patients for fat removal.

However, the procedure is not completely risk-free. The therapy may cause burns over skin if the procedure is not performed in a proper manner or is done by someone who is not experienced in the procedure. Still, the risks carried by this procedure are much less compared to that of traditional liposuction. Swelling and bruising of the skin over treated parts is very common after traditional liposuction and can be avoided in UAL. Some other side effects of traditional liposuction like damage or injury to other internal organs or body parts are lessened in UAL procedure.

It is important to get UAL done by an experienced surgeon who is trained in this type of cosmetic sculpting procedure to avoid any negative consequences. All cosmetic surgeons are not well versed with this type of liposuction. It should be kept in mind that there is melting of fats in this procedure by means of heating them so as to facilitate separation of its molecules. If the procedure is not done in right manner, the heating resulting from ultrasonic vibrations can cause burns over skin. This effect may not be seen immediately after the procedure; but is noticed after a period of time.

Many patients wonder why the procedure can cause burns. The answer to the question is given below. In this procedure, there is heating of the tissue for achieving disruption in the composition of molecules of fat cells.

These fat cells are solid in nature and need to be liquefied for achieving their disruption. Hence, what the ultrasound waves do is to melt the fat with the help of high frequency waves for disrupting the molecules. Now, if this is not done with accurate precision, the heat generated in the process can cause burns. There can also be a formation of blisters over the skin in this process. It should be noted that the risk of blistering and burning is nil in the traditional liposuction procedure. However, it carries high risk of developing swelling and bruising.

Ultrasonic liposuction has been of great use for patients in getting rid of impossible-to-remove deposits of fats in the body. All that the patients need to do is to determine the best mode of treatment suitable for them and to check their eligibility for undergoing non-invasive UAL procedure. They should also check whether UAL alone can help them or it should be used in combination with traditional liposuction for achieving better results.

So, now there is no need for patients to get down and keep brooding that there is no solution to their problems; as it is now very clear that abdominal fats or excess fats in any part of the body can be easily removed by using UAL method, in a risk-free and non-invasive manner. Also, they should note that like any other scientific cosmetic therapy, this form of liposuction procedure is developing progressively and can keep providing better results for the patients.

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