Los Angeles painting the streets grey to town to cool

Los Angeles to paint these days, several of his road in a light grey tone., for example, wants the city’s sometimes scorching temperatures in the city get down.

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On a summer day, the temperature in the Californian metropolis of Los Angeles on the west coast of the United States of america easy to more than 38 degrees Celsius.

To the battle with the heat to go, the city has a number of public roads light grey painted after a test on parking spaces, it was shown that this procedure is the ground and the ambient temperature lowers.

Less air conditioning is needed

Plain, black asphalt absorbs 80 to 95 percent of sunlight, writes the technologiewebsite Seeker. If the streets be painted in a light grey shade, the sunlight reflected and the temperature down.

The cooling paint can, in this way the ambient temperature by 8 to 10 degrees Celsius down. As a result, people in surrounding buildings to work and live in less air conditioning use.

The use of air conditioning is energy intensive, leads to more CO2 emissions and to the release of more heat.

Polluting traffic

The Bureau of Street Services of Los Angeles performs the test. The agency hopes other cities can inspire and manufacturers to encourage it to invest in the development of high-tech cooling paint that is suitable for use on roads.

The initiators realize that the notorious traffic in LA, the road will quickly pollute so the cooling effect will decrease.

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