Lori Loughlin reveals her ‘Full House’ fashion regret


Lori Loughlin, says she and her “Fuller House” co-stars “to play their characters, but one of the actors is surprisingly similar to the man that he portrays on the beloved sitcom.

During an interview with the February issue of Good Housekeeping magazine, the 52-year-old actress admits that she sees similarities between Bob Saget and Danny Tanner. “He is going to kill me to say this,” she jokes. “It is not because he is a clean-freak Danny Tanner. I love Bob, but he is a bit neurotic in a sense, he has a little bit of neuroses.”

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Loughlin adds, “But we are all of the characters on the show and the kind of play to these functions, such as with Jesse (John you will make) and Elvis and Dave Coulier, who was playing stupid Joey while Dave is actually brilliant.”

As for her portrayal of Aunt Becky, Louglin recalls the big fashion regret, she has during her time on “Full House” in the ’90s. “Looking back on my ‘Full House’ wardrobe days, I think I almost regret all my fashion moments,” she confesses. “Oh man, I mean the high-waist jeans, the cowboy boots, and tent dresses I used to wear? I don’t know what I was thinking. My children laugh at me and go, ‘Mom, that is a look.'”

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