Loretta Schrijver was going to The Masked Singer does not know who it was

The Masked Singer was in Germany, south africa, South Korea, and the United States of america has already been a huge hit, but as of Friday, the programme will also include a Dutch version. Loretta Schrijver Gerard Joling be able to help suggest which of the DUTCH, who are a beroepszanger, or any other “entertainer” can be masked by the general public as a song plays. And, according to the panelists, is that it is much more difficult than I expected.

What was it like to be a part of the panel?

Loretta a Writer: “It’s one of the best things that I have seen in years have done. It is kolderiek, the grotesque. It is all of a sudden a unicorn in front of you, very nice to sing. You’ll hear about it when it doesn’t, the show doesn’t hit, because you become mesmerized by the apparition, which you can see. I fell in love with all the characters that I have seen. It’s just one big rollercoaster.”

Gerard Joling: “It’s completely different than my previous jury – or panelklussen. It is very difficult to guess, and sometimes you don’t know if you are a man or a woman, you have to stand up. I was bloednieuwsgierig to where the pack was. And, Loretta, fell in love with every animal that came by. Who wanted to be in with a chance of going to Africa, and a rabbit to take home. I’ve always laughed a lot.”


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Loretta, you are a panelduo by Carlo Boszhard and, George, you’re with a Buddy, ” pearl jam. You were a great support to each other?
Author: “Carlo, of course, a lot of people have emulated it, so that there are a lot of votes. But don’t underestimate me: I present to you, for ten years, during coffee break, and there can be few CELEBRITIES who doesn’t have to guest. I’m in a very voice – and a language-dependent. Carlo and I are a good team in that regard and, in addition, it may be that we love each other. But every now and then, we really don’t agree with each other. With Ruben Nicolai, the host, ed.). laugh at the dead. He really brings a good vibe to it.”

Joling: “Buddy’s a guy who really wants to do, but it is also very, very talented. He is fun to work with, we do sometimes sing together, in to the Suspects a program which it is presented. But with Loretta, Carlo, and Vanessa is almost a laugh.”

It Was difficult to guess? In the group with other CELEBRITIES, of course, be smaller than, for example, in the united states.

Author: “In some cases, in other cases, it’s amazing to you what you are looking at. Despite the fact that it’s not a tv show, it is in this respect like The Voice in which you may be surprised to find that a person can be so beautiful and can sing. The voice of the CELEBRITIES, it is deformed, which makes it harder to deal with. However, you get clues that you can guess what it can be good. But it was always a fun place, I do not know who is in the suit is hidden. The story is suddenly broken. It’s like a magic trick; once you know how to do it, then the magic is gone.”

Joling: “To one who advised me of the same. But, on the whole, it was a tough game. Often, I recognized the voice, but I don’t have a clue who it was. In proefopnames of the programme, we already have some clips to hear which CELEBRITIES have a song to sing to someone else. Therefore, it is very difficult to guess who it is singing.”

Presenter Ruben Nicolai was playing the game, even though he knew the answer already.

  • Ruben Nicolai, the host of ” The Masked Singer, who was in advance, to find out who the special deal would. “It says you must be doing something on my own intelligence, but during the shoot, I was already a couple of names to remember. Occasionally, I was at a concert next to it, and I thought, ‘ who the hell are you again? You can find out, even if you have the answers and know it, you’ll play the game, all of it.”

Would you like to participate as a candidate?

Author: “no, No, I can’t sing. For me, instead of hiding behind a suit, I would not be so quick to do. But if there’s a great vocal attached to it, then I would say yes.”

Joling: “I am afraid that the people in it for a recognizable voice, a quick guess. But such a suit I would ever want to wear it. There was a pack, a lion with a royal blue color and the stones on top. There dróóp me that I would have ever been at the very Top who are willing to contribute.”

The Masked Singer, is on Friday, september 27th at 20.30 hours on RTL4.

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