Loretta Lynch throws Comey of the sham of key Clinton probe of the conversation, was “very surprised” by his testimony

in the vicinityVideoRep. Doug Collins, says the former attorney General, Loretta Lynch, has to do a lot to explain

The Lisa-page transcripts show a two-level justice system, says Georgia Congressman Doug Collins, ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee.

The former attorney General Loretta Lynch’s statements flatly accused the former FBI Director, James Comey of mischaracterizing your by claiming, repeatedly, under oath, that Lynch told private him, call the Hillary Clinton email probe a “thing” instead of an “investigation.”

Lynch, testified that Comey is the requirement of left her “very surprised”, from the dramatic speech at a closed-door House Oversight Committee hearing last December. A transcript of her testimony was released on Monday by House Judiciary Committee ranking member Doug Collins, R-Ga.

The episode marks the last public dispute breaking out between high-level ex-Obama administration officials, as several government assessments of the potential FBI and Department of justice misconduct to continue.

In a June 17 interview under oath with the House Intelligence Committee, Comey Lynch said had pressed to deny him the importance of the Clinton E-Mail review. He said the moment led him to the question of their independence, and wore hold to his decision, unilaterally, a press-conference in July 2016 the announcement of the conclusions of the probe.

“The attorney General had me instructed not to call it an investigation, but instead of calling, it is a question that confused me and worried me,” Comey testified. “That was one of the stones, which resulted in the invite me to the conclusion,” I have you, step away from the Department, if we close this case in a credible way.'”


Comey said: “The Clinton campaign, at the time, with all sorts of euphemisms — review of the safety issues, things like that, for what was going on. We were getting to the place where the attorney general and I were both to testify and speak publicly about it. And I wanted to know, was to authorize it, to confirm us, we had an investigation? … And you said, ‘Yes, but you don’t, call it call it a question.’ And I said, ‘Why should I do that?’ And she said, ‘let’s call it a question.'”

Comey later said that Lynch’s secret-airport-runway meeting with Bill Clinton in the summer of 2016 cemented his assessment that Lynch lacked independence.

But her testimony in December, Lynch said Comey had the situation completely mischaracterized the.

The former FBI-Director James Comey testify before a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Russia’s alleged interference in the U.S. presidential election of 2016, on Capitol Hill in Washington, USA, 8. June, 2017. (Reuters)

“I don’t,” responded Lynch, when asked to name whether you ever said Comey, the investigation of a “matter.”

“I’ve never needed a witness to say what, specifically. Never, never Lynch will continue”. “In the meetings I had with the Director, we discussed how to keep you best to Congress on the progress made and discuss the requirement of resources for the Department as a whole. We were to testify separately. And to give the care that both of us had in the session, I was with him in September of 2015, to have the discussion, to confirm about the Department policy, or deny an investigation, a separate Directive of testimony.

“Of course we wanted to testify fully, fulsomely, and enter the information that was required, but we were not added at this point, in September 2015, in order to confirm that it deny an investigation in to the E-Mail issue — or is it,” Lynch. “We were sticking with the policy, and that was my position. I didn’t know where anyone the use of specific phraseology. When the Director asked me how best to deal with it, I said What I said, we have received a reference, and we are working on the matter, the subject, or we have all the resources we need, the matter to hand, you treat the Problem. So, that was the suggestion I made to him.”

Pressed for her reaction to the statements made by Comey, Lynch said, she had come as a shock.


“I was quite surprised that he characterized it,” Lynch said. “We had a conversation about it, so I was surprised that he remembered that we met on it and talked about it. But I was quite surprised, this was his characterisation of her, because that was not how it was taught to him certainly, as it was intended.”

House Oversight Committee ranking member Jim Jordan, R-Ohio-is then accused the panel Chairman–.

“Excuse me. Ms. Lynch, in the meeting with the FBI Director, it referred to the Clinton investigation than a question-I just want to make sure that I understand-but you did not instruct the Director, if he says to call prior to the Congress a role. That is correct?” Jordan asked.

Trump tweet fees ‘betrayal!’

Expert-rip language about the FBI probe.

“I said that I was related to — I was with the phraseology,” Lynch responded. “We get a referral. Because we received a public reprimand, we were to confirm. And this is Department policy that if we receive a public reprimand from an Agency that we are with the confirmation of the recommendation, but we neither confirm nor deny the investigation. This is actually a standard DOJ policy.

“So in the meeting with the Director, I do not even remember, around September -, the date — 2015, it was still very early in the investigation, I expressed the view that it is, in my opinion, too early for us to confirm that we had an investigation,” said Lynch. “At some point in the course of the investigation, as all of you know out of your control, it is so generally known, that we talk about it, by the language of the investigation and things, but at this point we had not done, and we were unable to confirm or deny it. We were not to be denied. It was, in essence, from my point of view, we were following the Directive. And when the Director asked me about my thoughts, I said, Yes, we had to-we had to be completely cooperative and great with the Congress for the both of us, and that we needed to give us as much information as we could on the question of resources.”


Last week, a high-level dispute over the high government officials, the unaudited Steele dossier huddled in the midst of efforts to oversee the trump campaign burst into the open after it to check that the Attorney General William Barr appointed a U.S. lawyer, the origins of the Russia-investigation and determine whether or not the FBI and DOJ, were the actions “lawful and appropriate.”

Sources familiar with the records of Fox News said that a late-2016 E-Mail chain given Comey bureau subordinates, who insisted then-CIA Director John Brennan said on the dossier in the intelligence community assessment on Russian interference, known as the ICA. But in a statement to Fox News, a former CIA official, the blame square on Comey.

A private, comprehensive. Report from the Department of justice Inspector General (IG) in the possible FBI and DOJ misconduct, and the monitoring of the abuse, it is expected that within a matter of weeks.

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