Loretta Lynch, the former Obama-attorney-General, asked behind closed doors on Capitol Hill

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What happens on the slopes with President Clinton? Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton responded on ” Fox & friends First.’

The former attorney General, Loretta Lynch, appeared on Capitol Hill on Wednesday closed-answer door-testimony questions to the Ministry of justice of Russia and Hillary Clinton E-Mail-probes, following, former FBI Director James Comey is feisty back-to-back interviews with the same committees.

Comey was grilled on Monday, and the beginning of December, the house judiciary and oversight bodies. He complained after a “frustrating” experience, accusing Republicans of being motivated by politics.

Democrats on the Committee – as you will with Comey said on Wednesday that the hearing was a waste of time. Maryland’s democratic Republic Jamie Raskin told reporters that he had nothing new to learn from the survey of Lynch. Raskin said he noticed some people sleeping in the same room during the testimony.

Lynch came under fire in the year 2016 after its infamous Asphalt meeting with the former President Bill Clinton days before the FBI decided it would not recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her handling of classified information via your private E-Mail server. Lynch, as a response to criticism for meeting with Clinton, while the FBI is investigating his wife’s claims that she and Clinton only discussed “harmless things”.

Lynch, who led the justice Department under President Barack Obama, did not answer shouted questions from reporters outside the courtroom Wednesday.



The committees are not published immediately to release a copy of the Lynch interview, although it is expected, other transcripts, and finally, as part of their investigation report, Fox News said.

The transcripts were published of the two Comey interviews, on the basis of negotiations between legislators and the fired former FBI Director.

Comey, speaks with reporters after his statement, accused the survey of legislators on the house judiciary and oversight bodies, political, and defended his leadership, the agents investigating Clinton and began to explore relationships between the Trump campaign, and Russia.

“We had very tough decisions in the year 2016,” Comey. “I knew the hurt that we were going to be from him. The question was, how can we reduce the harm.”


Asked whether he bears responsibility for the FBI’s reputation a blow, he replied, “no.”

Comey called it “frustrating to be here”, and pointed questions from lawmakers, including the FBI, Clinton E-Mail investigation and the anti-Trump dossier submitted by Chris Steele, as old news.

“The questions about Hillary Clinton and Steele dossier strike me as more of the same,” Comey said. “I didn’t want to learn, nothing new there. Maybe you have done.”

Fox News’ Guerin Hays and Chad Pergram contributed to this report.

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